Thursday, 10 April 2014

Unlikely Hero - Finding the hero within! ~

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This May, we will discover the hero within.

We will learn that there is a hero in each of us.
We will realize, that we all have a part to play.
We will find out how to be that hero.

This May, there are hero’s rising!


An unlikely hero is someone who does not fit the mould of how a hero should look or how a hero should sound, yet is a hero nonetheless because they are willing-to-be-a-hero! They are willing to embrace need, respond compassionately and act purposefully.

They are optimistic, seek challenge, find solutions, see the best, speak hope, bring change and deliver justice.

An everyday hero is unassuming. They do not draw attention to themselves; instead they look for opportunity to bring change to their world.

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I want my students to learn, that an unlikely hero is buried deep inside each of us. I want them to know that … to know that every person, whether old or young, tall or small has a hero residing within, just waiting to rise. I want my students to know that despite difficulties, heartbreak or pain, they can do something, and should do something to ‘Be the Change’. More than anything, I want them to know, that they have what it takes to BE that change!

This May, we will be reading stories about the most unlikely of hero’s. We will explore the life and heart of a hero. My students will learn that there is a hero waiting to rise within them! We will write stories of unlikely hero’s, delving deep into our imagination, pushing past the limits of impossibilities.

This May, my students will embark upon a hero’s quest, a journey into their own hearts, and discover that courage and bravery are fought on the battle lines of our ordinary, everyday experiences.

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