Saturday, 29 March 2014

Teaching Grade Four ~

A new year and a new grade ... Well we are nearly at the end of the first term and what a term it has been. Grade four has been a fabulous new experience and I so love their zest for learning - fast and furious! They are exuberant learners with a passion to know everything. So loving this age and how focused they are on doing their best and soaking up every morsel of information that comes their way.

What I know about Grade Four students,
- They are fun
- giggle, a lot
- love reading chapter books
- find maths challenging
- love collecting things
- scream at silly things
- are learning to negotiate differences
- take toilet breaks often
- forget things, regularly
- make excuses
- are learning to become independent learners
- are fascinated with living things
- enjoy reading to each other
- have messy desks
- seek your approval
- like to tell you random stuff
- love attention
- and the list goes on

In saying all this, I realise I have a big year ahead of me, really big. But I am so up for this. I think it will be my best year yet. Good times ahead.

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