Monday, 31 August 2015

ipad training in India

What a privilege it was to work with these teachers and help them develop resource and ideas for use in their classrooms with only a single ipad in each class. Last year the ipads were donated to this particular school in Hyderabad through the fundraising efforts of teachers and students at our school on the Gold Coast, Australia. This year we took a team of staff over to train the teachers on the ipads, teach sewing to the young girls and build a much needed playground.

Fun on the new playground

We looked at a variety of different apps for use in the classroom and how teachers could use the ipad as a learning tool with only one ipad in each classroom. My favourite app at the moment is bookcreator. I love this apps ability to integrate learning across various platforms and to record a students learning journey in a meaningful and relevant way. Individual students can create their own ebook and the app allows for multiple users on the one ipad which is helpful when you are restricted with the number of ipads available in the classroom. 

I use this app with my grade two students to document our weekly maths lessons. Each student completes hands on activities before taking photos of their learning. Students then record their learning journey week to week throughout the term. This is a great way to see at a glance how each student is going and if they have mastered new content taught each week. This is a useful tool for ongoing formative assessment. 

Mathematics - Student page (below)

We also use this app for our inquiry based learning tasks (see screenshots below) and to publish our writing. Students can illustrate their work directly on the ipad with the app or they can draw their own illustrations on paper before uploading photographs of their work. 

Inquiry Based Learning Tasks - Student pages

I then save student work via google drive so we can print the ebooks at a later date. At the end of the year students will select their best work to be sent home.

You will love this app!

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