Sunday, 31 January 2016

Be who you are

In a world of compromise and comparisons, it is vital that we live above the maddening crowd. 

Stop accepting less than the best, you deserve better. Give yourself permission to shine.You were born for greatness. The seeds of hope and destiny are buried deep within you. 

Remove the limitations that confine you to small minded thinking. Open your heart and soul wide to limitless possibility. The creative genius within you is busting to break free. Don't let it die before it has time to grow.

Be who you are, WHO you were born to be!

Live life being your authentic self, no one can ever be you!

Those who love you will celebrate what makes you unique, the rest doesn't matter at all. May what truly matters - that glorious potential of your heart and soul, you without all the fuss, shine brighter than stars above.

Shine ever brighter!

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