Saturday, 31 October 2015

Light the way

Light the way with the words you say!

As a teacher we have a responsibility to speak words of hope into the hearts and minds of the littlest people of the earth.

Little people look to us to validate who they are and who they are becoming. Each word spoken will shape a heart, influence a mind and grow a soul. Words take root deep within, weaving themselves into the tight fabric of possibility sitting before us. Our words will awaken a perspective, they will grow a thought and develop a belief. The words we speak should be measured with tenderness - our mission to  nourish the intellect and expand the soul. 

May our words plant possibility so tenderly and lovingly. 
May our  words acknowledge capability and strengthen ability.  
May our words fortify every student to believe anything really is achievable. 
May our words cause a flourishing of boundless creativity that propels children into unknown frontiers.

~ Shape Possibility ~ Nourish Ability ~ Fortify Creativity ~

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