Thursday, 27 September 2012

Class Newsletter ~

This term we had a lot of fun with our 'Farmyard Frolics' unit. A highlight of this unit was our visit to Paradise Country where we watched sheep being shorn, working dogs round up sheep and stockmen with their whip cracking skills. Feeding and petting the baby animals brought squeals of delight and great photo moments. Throughout the term we learnt how a farmer looks after his animals and what products come from the farm. We even churned butter into cream, shaking it up in a jar, right in the classroom. Exploring animal habitats in other regions like the arctic, rainforest and the ocean opened our eyes to the vastness of the world around us and the plethora of living things that roam the earth.

As part of this unit we investigated a micro habitat and set up an ant farm in the classroom.
Ants are fascinating little creatures and provided hours of fun exploration as we learnt a variety of ant facts.

Below are a few drawings of farm animals from our amazing little artists.

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